About Basalt Stones

Basalt Stones are results of volcanic eruptions and contain silica and oxygen in combined proportions.   Minerals like magnesium and iron present in the stones are also popular for their healing properties.  Basalt stones are extremely soft; the have a smooth surface and are free from roughness, making them an ideal tool for massage therapies.  Massage with basalt stones helps in reviving and relieving the body tissues and muscles in a comforting way. The stones are associated with the 3rd Chakra of the solar plexus.  Basalt stones encourage compassionate detachment, and support anyone who is going the a phase of intense changes.


  • Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation
  • Assist the body in the detoxification process: hydrating and flushing cells
  • Heated and cold stones can be extremely effective with sports or over use injuries
  • Can help sooth anxiety, depression and stress
  • Assist in emotional tranquility, patience and stability
  • Offer a sense of peace and well-being to the person receiving the massage.
  • Alleviation of pain


  • If you have sensitive skin
  • If you are at any point during your pregnancy, ask your doctor first
  • If you have blood clot, prone to blood clots, uncontrolled blood pressure, or bruise easily
  • If you have cancer an are receiving chemotherapy or radiation, inquire with your doctor
  • If you have diabetes be very cautious and make sure your hot stone therapist uses a lower temperature
  • If you have varicose veins, hot stone massage should be avoided in the localized area
  • High blood pressure patients should be cautious and make sure your therapist uses a low temperature for your hot stone experience.